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Antonia Okafor is the founder and president of EMPOWERED, a nonprofit group designed to educate, train and equip young women in the use of firearms for protection on college campuses. The group also helps women advocate for their Second Amendment rights.


Antonia is a wife, mother, firearms trainer, and sexual assault survivor who is passionate about empowering all women through her strong faith in Jesus Christ and the Second Amendment.  Antonia is a certified firearms trainer and regularly teaches free lessons to female, first-time shooters.  

Antonia is a TV commentator regular on the Fox News Channel, Newsmax, and the Black News Channel. And has appeared on BBC, Piers Morgan Show, CNN, as well as other various YouTubers and streaming channels. Recently, she launched a new weekly podcast on the Ricochet Podcast Network called BulletProof that delves into all things faith, firearms, and empowerment. 

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